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Charlie Herman Chappell Well Drilling

Expertise Founded on Generations of Experience

When you need a well drilled, it makes sense to find an experienced well driller. One like Charlie Herman Chappell Well Drilling. Being a fourth-generation water well driller, Charlie has grown up in a family with a century of experience. Charlie’s great-grandfather was the first in Eastern New Brunswick to have a well drilling machine. With more than two decades of experience, Charlie is highly knowledgeable. He took that knowledge and 22 years of experience to form Charlie Herman Chappell Well Drilling in 2010. And drilling for water isn’t all we do. Want the purest water possible? Water treatment is now one of our services. When you call us, you’ll get an honest, licensed driller who works year round. Whether it’s drilling new wells, repairing wells or maintaining pumps, we do it all. Don’t wait. Contact us today!

Drilling a well
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